The liveliest, most interesting town on Cape Cod is at the farthest point, where the tip curves around as if beckoning you in. Crammed with a diverse mix of shops, galleries, and eateries along vibrant Commercial Street, it’s both an artist haven and a magnet for the LGBTQ+ community. It does my heart good to see same sex couples holding hands, hugging, expressing their love openly. There’s an exciting energy in Provincetown, unlike the other serene cape villages, even in off season.

The Pilgrims, on the Mayflower, first landed in the New World in 1620 at this tip of the cape and spent five weeks there before settling in Plymouth. One accounting I read says that they depleted the natives’ cache of corn and then moved on in search of fresh water. The 252-foot Pilgrim Monument towers over the townscape. The Cape Cod School of Art, opened in 1901, drew well-known artists and literary figures.

The bay appeared now and then between the downtown buildings, a surprise sighting of sea.

At the harbor, there was a line of small shops, like kiosks, housing artwork and artisanal gifts.

The street art was dazzling…

“Tourists” sculpture by Chaim Gross

And of course, dinner and a walk on the beach

There was some pasta under those clams
Adam and Kristin

Cape Cod: Yarmouth and Hyannis, Chatham, National Seashore, Provincetown, Yarmouth, Chapin sunset, Cape Cod Canal, Sandwich, Nor’easter, Falmouth, Woods Hole

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45 thoughts on “Provincetown

    1. The shingled buildings are a common sight all around the cape. I’ve seen them in beach towns in other states as well. My carrier tells me my Internet speed will be increased effective Monday. Until then, loading images especially is verrrry slooow.

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  1. I’ve heard good things about Provincetown, especially for it being LGBTQ-friendly. Aside from that, it looks to be a lovely place dedicated to street art, and I can imagine it must’ve been a fun adventure trying to find them all!

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  2. Very quaint and charming indeed, especially with all that street art. I can’t help but feel this would be a lovely place for Sladja and I to settle for a month or two doing our online thing. Thanks for bringing it to us.

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  3. We really loved Provincetown – the art scene, the inclusivity, the location, the shingled buildings with glimpses of sea between them as you illustrate so well. It doesn’t appear to have changed a lot since the mid 1990s when we visited apart from the addition of all that wonderful street art!

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    1. It was my first visit and it looked as though the downtown area and environs are well maintained older buildings without new development, a good thing. The atmosphere is vibrant. It’s obvious people love just being there.

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  4. Great post and fantastic photos, Ruth! I love places that are dripping with old-world charm and history, especially if they are located not too far from unspoiled sandy beaches. Cape Cod is definitely on my travel wish list. Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  5. We visited Provincetown a couple of years ago, on a Saturday, and the town was bustling with a lively LGQBT+ parade through the streets. One of the small shops you mention sold nothing but beautifully painted small rectangular tiles. We bought one – from an artist who graduated from my alma mater. It’s a painting of a distinctive house in one of the residential areas adjacent to the town. The shop owner told us where to locate the house, so now I have the tile and the photograph side-by-side on our mantle. A beautiful keepsake!

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  6. Ruth, you captured P’town well. It’s a place like no other. I wonder if you ever made it to Brewster? At the very least you likely drove through it on your way off-Cape. All the best. BTW, you might enjoy my latest piece, “A Special Moment.” I don’t write as well as you, but my photos aren’t half bad.

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    1. Hi Dave, I went to the general store in Brewster on your recommendation and it was a fun stop, picked up a few things there! The friend whose house I stayed at in Falmouth Port recommended Chapin beach, a little closer but similar in that the low tide stretches way out and the sunsets are stunning. I have fallen behind in keeping up with blogger posts since I’ve been traveling a little, but will check out yours. Thank you!


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