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Ruth Rosenfeld
Ruth Rosenfeld

The book.

Go Wherever You Want: a teacher’s life and travels in three cultures

Single in my fifties, kids gone, job situation changing, nothing in my life was working right. Go Wherever You Want is about my eight years living and teaching abroad in three countries. At first little more than a visitor, I became increasingly involved with the people and culture in each place until, in the last, I became part of a community rather than an expat. Starting with a political demonstration in Guatemala that threatened to send me back home, finding a special friendship in the Czech Republic, and ending with the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, these human and travel stories will draw you in.

This book will appeal to travelers, armchair travelers, teachers, women, and anyone who has ever dreamed of changing their life and heading off in a new direction. Or anyone who enjoys a good read!


 During those years abroad, I taught for three years in Guatemala City, two years in Prague in the Czech Republic, and three years in the Tokyo prefecture of Japan. In each place I took on a somewhat different challenge, starting with teaching high school computing and managing systems in an American school, then English in a private language school, and teaching conversational English in two universities.

And from each location (and before and after), I enjoyed exploring cultures within and around, so many exciting and different worlds. Beyond those three countries are countless travel stories and photos. I have visited over fifty countries. Material for the next book!


The recent limitless possibilities of art and technology have made digital photography a fascinating medium for me. The altered black-and-white/color nature images on this web site have been with me for a long time, but recently became achievable with the flexibility of graphic design. Natural elements are in vivid color; human-made constructions in black-and-white. Images in the Altered Landscapes series have appeared in galleries and juried art shows in Colorado. Windows in the Thru the Window series have been in several galleries and shops in Colorado mountain towns.


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