Cape Cod: Yarmouth and Hyannis

It’s been a year and a half since I’ve gone anywhere out of my home state. My son was recently transferred to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for work, a great place for a visit. Unlike the tourist travel I have usually done, this journey would be a relaxing one, exploring little towns, walking the beaches, and eating seafood.

I stayed at a friend’s house in Yarmouth Port for the first part of the trip. If one envisions the map of Cape Cod as a flexed arm, the town would be close to where the biceps bulge. Although the house is tucked into a deciduous forest, not many trees were wearing autumn colors yet. The cape was still draped in green with just a splash of color here and there. The morning sun shone through the cemetery across the street and lit up the pond a short stroll away.

My son and his wife dropped me off by a rental car place in Hyannis, directly to the south, the largest town on the cape, on the Nantucket Sound side. It was a bit early for my appointed pick-up time, so I took a walk around residential streets. Weathered shingles defined many of the houses.

It was difficult to find a place to park among the large sprawling homes fronting private beaches. The waves beckoned, the smell of salt air, the rhythmic gentle splash of waves. Although signs warned against doing so, I pulled in to a parking area designated Residents Only and hopped out to breathe in the aroma and take a few quick photos. Continuing on around the shoreline, a public beach finally appeared, with free parking, at least at this time of year. October is a shoulder season; the summer dwellers are mostly gone; many shops and restaurants are closed. One of my favorite pastimes, when I have the opportunity, is walking along the beach, feeling the sand softly scrunch sculpting to the shape of my feet, making tracks on the wet sand, marking the ebb and flow of the water and crest of the waves.

On the way back to the Yarmouth house through Barnstable

Downtown Hyannis

Frutta del Pescador (seafood pasta), Tumi Portuguese restaurant

Cape Cod: Yarmouth and Hyannis, Chatham, National Seashore, Provincetown, Yarmouth, Chapin sunset, Cape Cod Canal, Sandwich, Nor’easter, Falmouth, Woods Hole

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46 thoughts on “Cape Cod: Yarmouth and Hyannis

  1. Great post and wonderful photos, especially from Downtown Hyannis. I am glad to see you had a chance to visit Cape Cod, Massachusetts – they have many beautiful lighthouses surrounded by dunes and seagrass. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  2. Visiting places during shoulder season is a surreal experience: less crowds and more of the place to yourself. Cape Cod looks absolutely tranquil, and it looked to be a lovely getaway to see family!

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  3. It’s wonderful that you were able to get away during these pandemic times. Cape Cod looks peaceful and a great place to visit during the off-peak season! Enjoy the food and the scenery!

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  4. Lovely captures. My husband used to live in Boston for a few years for work so we’re no strangers to Cape Cod. it’s such a lovely area. It’s always nice to visit during the off-season as it feels like you have the entire beach to yourself.


  5. Mm, this article really captured a sense of calm and serenity. Cape Cod looks every bit as beautiful as I have come to expect from other online images I’ve seen. Think I’d probably get lost for a spell in that 1856 store. Travel in the off season is so rewarding, I find. Sladja and I are currently living in the Montenegrin town of Budva, where the tourists have all gone and slowly stuff is beginning to shut down. But we LOVE the quiet and the moody fall skies. Hope you get the most out of your well-deserved trip.

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    1. I just looked up Budva, so picturesque and a lovely spot on the sea. I hope you’ll share some photos from your current home town! The cape is perfect in off-season too, still relatively warm, no tourists crowding the beaches and restaurants. I will be here for a few weeks. Thanks for your good thoughts, Leighton. More to come…

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  6. It feels like it was such a sweet dreamy relaxed time.
    I’m always mildly appalled by the American practice of private beaches. Growing up in Australia where no private beaches are allowed I was shocked to discover this was even a thing.


  7. We finally made it to Cape Cod a few years back and loved the experience. The drive all the way out to Provincetown was wonderful, as was a seafood lunch near Eastham and a stop at a friend’s place in Chatham. No wonder Bostonians flock here in the summertime.

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