Patagonia on horseback

Monday morning, my son and I flew from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, a mountain resort close to the Chilean border. Bariloche sits on the shores of the intensely blue Lake Nahuel Huapi, with the jagged, snowy Andes peaks of the national park with the same name and of Chile huddled around. (It’s formal name is San Carlos deContinue reading “Patagonia on horseback”

Vivid Buenos Aires

There was no map displayed to identify the route from Guatemala, but I was sure my flight was following the Amazon River and its tributaries through much of the great South American continent. The thick ribbon of brown below cutting through dense green, visible through intermittent clouds, rippled like a flag fluttering in the breeze. HoursContinue reading “Vivid Buenos Aires”

Mardi Gras! (reprise)

My first post on this blog, in March of 2020, told about the last trip I took before the COVID pandemic closed things down. It’s worth another share, now that I have many more viewers and followers. I’ve included more photos this time. My son, Adam, does ocean research and has been stationed for twoContinue reading “Mardi Gras! (reprise)”

Breckenridge snow sculpture

Every January, the ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado hosts the International Snow Sculpture Championships. For over twenty years, teams of snow artists from around the world come and ply their creative craft with the natural materials of the Rocky Mountains. Each team begins with a twelve-foot block of snow along Breck’s Riverwalk. At the beginning of the week,Continue reading “Breckenridge snow sculpture”


Most winters, I take a break to soak in the natural pools at Glenwood Springs, just a few hours west of my mountain home. Last week, I spent some time at the hot springs and drove to Aspen for a day. I hadn’t been there in decades, when I attended the Aspen Music Festival withContinue reading “Aspen”

Year end musings

I am a news follower, and in 2022 there were moments and movements that moved me. Most notable to me, as a woman, is the strength and daring of women of Iran, and their male supporters, who protested in great numbers against the oppressive misogynistic culture that dominates their world. There are still so manyContinue reading “Year end musings”


The little town of Antonito lies just north of the Colorado/New Mexico border, on the Colorado side. When I’ve headed down that way, I’ve stayed a few times at the Indiana Jones Bed and Breakfast. On this road trip in October 2022, I spent a night there on the way down and the way back.Continue reading “Antonito”

Ghost Ranch

The town along the road to Ghost Ranch is Abiquiui (pronounced ah-bi-kyu), where the artist Georgia O’Keeffe had a home and studio. Her adobe complex is circled by adobe walls. I had tried to get tickets online a month in advance. At the Abiquiui Welcome Center, I was told that there are only six peopleContinue reading “Ghost Ranch”

New Mexico towns

My first stop heading north from Santa Fe was at Pojoaque Pueblo, a Native American nation with its own government. At the pueblo, Poeh Cultural Center, a complex of traditional adobe buildings, has an exhibit portraying Tewa people throughout thousands of years of history and culture. And there was a wonderful new exhibit that touchedContinue reading “New Mexico towns”

Bandelier National Monument

An hour’s drive northwest from Santa Fe is a place where humans lived centuries before the state of New Mexico and its cities existed. I hiked through the wild landscape and ruins of Bandelier National Monument with my cousin and his partner in 2014. Although I didn’t detour there again on this recent road tripContinue reading “Bandelier National Monument”