The cottage

From Toronto, we drove north and a bit east for almost three hours, the last stretch on winding dirt roads. We were headed to a rented cottage on Salmon Lake, in a quiet, rural, forested pocket of Ontario.

Where I live, in Colorado, there are small mountain houses we call cabins. So I pictured a rustic structure, improved a bit for modern conveniences, but small and a place for rugged living. In Canada, a cottage can be a normal sized house in a rural setting. This one had four bedrooms which we filled up: my niece and her boyfriend, his mother, my brother, and me. The deck looked out over the lake, with a dock and pier reaching out over the water. The huge grill kept my niece’s partner busy cooking outdoors; I skipped the meat dishes but the grilled vegetables were wonderful.

Morning walks

Most of our days were spent sitting on the dock jutting into the lake, taking a swim now and then in cold water that felt comfortable after a few minutes. My next post will talk about those quiet days by the lake.

A few trips to neighboring towns. Not particularly charming or picturesque, the downtown collection of shops in these little towns were mostly non-descript, functional. The Canadian Maple Leaf flag could be seen everywhere in celebration for Canada Day, later that week.


Farmer’s market
Historic park

A stop for ice cream in Minden

Fenelon Falls

My last evening, a small group gathered at a friend’s house near the Falls. More than a cottage, it was a hotel turned family home. We played music, guitar and harmonica, and sang.

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35 thoughts on “The cottage

  1. I don’t know this part of cottage country at all. It looks very serene and quiet. The towns may not have been that charming, but you seem to have found a few cute spots. I grew up in Manitoba where a cabin is as you describe, rustic, small, but a good get away to nature. Maggie

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    1. I hadn’t been up north to this area before. It was relaxing and a lovely place to spend some time. I’m guessing there are a lot of similarities with the western landscape. Thanks, Maggie.


  2. We used to have a cottage in the Kawarthas.I have fond memories of it and of those quiet days spent on the dock. We sold it when we moved out of Toronto to live in the country.. Your photos brought many memories back and all good ones.

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  3. This looks like a beautiful spot to get some rest and relaxation and just enjoy nature. The cottage looks very Canadian with all those maple leaves. I’ve sampled a lot of ice cream and Kawartha Dairy is easily still my favourite.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Looks like a great time Ruth. Cottage country in Ontario in particular is a way of summer life. Love the small towns. They all have something to offer, especially on market day. Cheers. Allan

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  5. The very idea of cottage country appeals to my soul I think. The dock looks like the perfect spot for intimate chats and just resting. You caught some wonderful moments around the various towns, I’ll have a jar of the mango salsa!

    Liked by 1 person

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