Canadian respite

My flight was mid-morning. I live an hour and a half from the airport, planned for another half hour to park and take the shuttle to the terminal, and, of course, it’s best to arrive two to three hours in advance of an international flight. So I left in full darkness. A bright crescent moon hung above the night mountain silhouettes, lighting the way to the east. It seemed like a good omen. The sky was getting light and pink by the time I could see the white tent-like roof of the Denver airport.

My brother lives in Toronto and he and several family members rented a cottage a few hours north in Ontario for a week in late June. I spent just one day in Toronto, getting ready to go to the cottage. We would leave for the cottage the next day and I would spend the rest of my Canadian summer week by a lake in dense forest.

I had time for a walk around the neighborhood, flowers blooming in front-yard gardens, splashes of color.

Also in front yards

Pride parade at a local elementary school

More to come…

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44 thoughts on “Canadian respite

    1. Thanks, Anne! We have the little free libraries here too. They are maintained by the local library, but don’t appear on people’s lawns. They are placed in a market, ski resort, and other public places.

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    1. We may have been passing along the route! It was a lovely week. Hordes of mosquitos but the family brought some strong repellant that worked quite well. 😊 Hope you spent some time in the Colorado mountains.

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  1. Beautiful photos. I love the little free libraries. We have a small library in our clubhouse that takes donated books to local prisons. So glad that our books are passed on to others. Enjoy your time in Canada. Regards to Herman.

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    1. Thanks so much for your visit and taking the time to comment, Esther! We have quite a few little free libraries in my county, maintained by the library staff. I often look for book swaps when traveling, in hotels or coffee shops. I’ll say hello for you.


  2. Wow, I had no idea that Pride Parades also took place in schools, let alone elementary! What a wholesome scene to witness. Glad you had a pleasant, albeit brief, time in Toronto, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

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    1. I can’t imagine a school Pride parade in the states! This is Canada, much more socially accepting of different lifestyles and people from different cultures. I admire their more open culture. Thanks, Rebecca, hope you have a good summer as well!

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  3. What a lovely and quiet neighbourhood to live in, just a thing we’d like to find for ourselves. And, clearly very liberal and progressive which is always a plus. I loved the opening paragraph of your article, it really sets the mood. ‘Cottage by the lake in dense forest’ sounds like a rejuvenating elixir.

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