Desert landscapes

A walk around the grounds of the Botanical Gardens before leaving the Tucson area. The scenery, despite the arid climate, is home to the unusual shapes of cacti and succulents, tall and tiny, rugged and intricate.

Not as planned or sculpted as the Desert Garden of Pioneer Park in St George, Utah, or the Botanical Gardens, the Arizona/Sonora Desert Museum preserves the natural landscape. Along the route out of town to the site, saguaros stand at attention, majestic sentries pointing the way. Cacti and hills, in a more commonly occurring mix of plant life, covers the sandy soil, with winding paths running through it. There are deserts in the world that have a dearth of vegetation, where roots struggle to take hold and dunes blow and shift, but so many hardy green souls have adapted to populate much of the southwestern U.S.

a saguaro skeleton
Joshua tree

The patterns of these plants are fascinating.

I have never visited the desert during full blooming season, but here and there a few early buds and blossoms could be found on this trip.

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37 thoughts on “Desert landscapes

  1. I love desert landscapes. I think it’s mostly due to the fact that w don’t have anything quite like it in Ireland, and also because some of the most interesting landscapes in the world are in the most desolate, dry regions of the world. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  2. I grew up in a semi-desert area and have a special place in my heart for succulents, aloes and cacti. You have so many beautiful pictures here … I especially like the Joshua tree. Thank you for sharing this amazing place.

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  3. During my recent trip to Arizona last fall, I encountered SO many cacti while on the road. I guess you could say that it’s Arizona’s state plant, as compared to California’s palm trees! Lovely, lovely scenery all around. 🙂

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  4. Such a wonderful richness of shapes and textures. I was immediately reminded of a cacti garden Don and I visited in Hawaii. I’d never seen so many varieties, nor even knew they existed. Nature never fails to amaze and entertain me.

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    1. The cholla do glow with the light behind them. This is not an area to walk without strong shoes! And you do need to be careful where you step if not on a path. The saguaro skeleton is a rare sight. Apparently they live over 100 years, and in the wild they would likely fall without leaving a standing frame.

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