Colorado National Monument

Decades ago, I rode through the twisting, winding road that follows the rim overlooking the plateau carved by the Colorado River. I was not the one driving then; this time I was. At times, the twenty-three mile road seemed precariously close to the edge, sometimes with guardrails and sometimes without. At one of the firstContinue reading “Colorado National Monument”

Dominguez Canyon

I haven’t taken a long hike in a while, just an hour or so along my favorite well-beaten paths most days when the weather’s good. The friend I visited on this Colorado road trip reminded me to pack my hiking gear. The Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area covers a broad area along the Gunnison River, includingContinue reading “Dominguez Canyon”

Desert landscapes

A walk around the grounds of the Botanical Gardens before leaving the Tucson area. The scenery, despite the arid climate, is home to the unusual shapes of cacti and succulents, tall and tiny, rugged and intricate. Not as planned or sculpted as the Desert Garden of Pioneer Park in St George, Utah, or the BotanicalContinue reading “Desert landscapes”