The Beaches

The trendy shops along Queen Street East are in the Beaches, or Beach, neighborhood, an upscale section of Toronto. I’m not much of a consumer, but I’m curious to see what’s happening, what’s in, what catches the eye.

A tree in the small park has a strange shape, reaching up after hugging the ground.

We turned south down a street to …

my favorite place to walk in Toronto! The boardwalk follows the shoreline of Lake Ontario with swimming beaches and waves caressing rocky outcrops. The lifeguard stations are unmanned this time of year, in late November. Locals walk their dogs and throw sticks for them to fetch in the water. Runners run and walkers stroll the boardwalk. I am always reminded of walking the New Jersey boardwalks (Inspiration) in my younger days. Colorful Adirondack chairs dot the beach and offer a place to rest and people-watch along the path.

We returned one morning to catch the sunrise over the lake, despite the clouds.

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36 thoughts on “The Beaches

  1. Great post and wonderful photos, Ruth! I love those colourful Adirondack chairs – I can imagine how amazing it would be to sink into one so you can put your feet up and take in the unfolding see views 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  2. I didn’t connect Toronto with beaches until I remembered about the great lakes. Love all the shots, especially the sunset colors. So far, I have just visited Niagara but have yet to enjoy any of our own great lakes. One day…

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  3. Wow, so beautiful, I love the beach and the sunset views. I will never understand why we have so many milks nowadays though….I went in to a coffee shop the other day and asked for a tea. They said which milk would you like; and listed off about 20 – I’ll add goats milk to the list!!

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    1. Thanks, Hanna! Actually it was a sunrise, a morning beach visit. I know, there is such an array of milks available now. People are looking for plant-based alternatives these days, and since I don’t eat meat, I buy some of those. I thought these signs were humorous – goat milk for your pet?? I do like goat cheese though.


  4. So colourful and beautiful, Ruth!
    It was many years ago that I visited Toronto for a vacation. I have wonderful memories of a beautiful city with friendly people and diverse culture.
    Thank you Ruth – I really like this post! ❤
    Rosie from Germany

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