Don Valley

The Don River cuts across Toronto north-south on its way to Lake Ontario. I’ve walked sections of the trail many times with my brother. Starting at the Brick Works, a repurposed structure that processed local clays and is now used for events, we followed the winding route through the Moore Ravine.

Brick Works

Over and under bridges, along marshy ponds, we walked the gravel paths, an occasional bicycle passing by. It was late November, but here and there, hardy yellow leaves hung on.

On the way back, the skyline rose in the distance. Look closely as we approached the Brick Works and you can see the iconic CN Tower.

This sweet red maple was in front of a neighbor’s house.

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49 thoughts on “Don Valley

  1. So much yellow! Truly is wondrous how the fall season brings about such vibrant colors…it’s as if the season is going all out in its splendor before the cold, white winter takes over. Lovely stroll in this part of Toronto!

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  2. What a beautiful place to go for a walk and reconnect with nature, especially on such a sunny day 🙂 I love the beautiful wooden wallboard and colourful autumn leaves scattered on the ground 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva

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  3. What an impressive bridge in the first photo. From your angle below it looks like nothing in nature was disturbed when it was built. Even the color blends well with the surrounding trees.

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      1. Thank you! The Don is a bigger/longer river than I realized and the history of its bridges is “colorful”, to say the least. I don’t know any of the names or places referenced but it still made for an interesting read.

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