Buenos Aires holiday

We returned to the same B&B back in Buenos Aires a couple of days before Christmas. We checked with several restaurants and couldn’t find one that would be open on Christmas eve, so we picked up some things at a small grocery that we could munch in our room for an easy dinner of sorts.Continue reading “Buenos Aires holiday”

Ushuaia: End of the World

One more local flight on our Argentinian journey brought us as far south as we could go, to the city of Ushuaia, called the End of the World, Fin del Mundo, in the maze of waterways and mountainous islands that compose Tierra del Fuego. The city of colorful buildings hugs the port, with the dramatic AndesContinue reading “Ushuaia: End of the World”

Patagonia on horseback

Monday morning, my son and I flew from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, a mountain resort close to the Chilean border. Bariloche sits on the shores of the intensely blue Lake Nahuel Huapi, with the jagged, snowy Andes peaks of the national park with the same name and of Chile huddled around. (It’s formal name is San Carlos deContinue reading “Patagonia on horseback”

Vivid Buenos Aires

There was no map displayed to identify the route from Guatemala, but I was sure my flight was following the Amazon River and its tributaries through much of the great South American continent. The thick ribbon of brown below cutting through dense green, visible through intermittent clouds, rippled like a flag fluttering in the breeze. HoursContinue reading “Vivid Buenos Aires”