Western Slope towns

A rainy day was a good time for indoor and in-town activities on my recent road trip to western Colorado. We visited nearby Cedaredge, a small town of a little over two thousand people in the shadow of Grand Mesa. Historic Pioneer Town Museum is a sprawling eclectic mix of buildings and memorabilia evoking an earlier way of life out west. Stepping into the past, we poked into faux stores and museum-like rooms of clothing, framed collections of arrowheads and butterflies, posters of long-gone events and ephemera.

Pioneer Town Museum

The Grand Mesa Art Center, thriving with sponsorship and donors from the community, houses a concert hall with a stage and metal folding chairs, an art gallery, and a small shop with local crafts. Although I’m not much of a gardener or chef, I sat in on an interesting and well-attended lecture at the local library on growing and cooking beans, and left with marigold seeds and a bag of dried pinto beans. My one purchase was a jar of strawberry preserves at a grocery that featured a healthy selection of locally grown foods.

On my way out of town the next morning, I stopped in tiny downtown Eckert. It was too early for the Creamery/antique shop to be open. When I had arrived a few days ago, I drove quickly through Delta, ready to get to my destination. I hadn’t planned to stop in Delta along the route heading back to the highway, until my friend mentioned there were murals.


Old car yard, Delta

Downtown Delta

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36 thoughts on “Western Slope towns

  1. The Director of the Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra and his wife are spearheading the remodeling and revitalization of the Egyptian Theater. Will visit it soon! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Beautiful murals! Small as Cedaredge, Eckert, and Delta were, they offer a rich, historical look into how the Western US developed, and it must be great checking them all out while living in the area!

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    1. I often look for museums like this that preserve diverse buildings from different eras or represent many timelines. Have you ever visited the outdoor museum near Cardiff? Not so far from you… We were there many years ago and it was a charming favorite.

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        1. Yes, that’s the one. I guess it’s most interesting when it’s a different culture and history! ☺ There was a lovely one in the Japanese countryside west of Tokyo and one in Bucharest I remember.

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  3. We never strayed far from the I-70 corridor when we lived in Colorado, which is a shame for discoveries like these little towns. I’ve never seen silos like the ones in Cedaredge but I prefer the look over the perfectly round versions.

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    1. It’s a big beautiful state. I had never been to this area before, although we camped on Grand Mesa years ago, accessing it from the other side. Those silos are interesting, aren’t they? It must have been quite a project to build them.


    1. From across the street, I was wondering why that guy was looking at me! When I got closer, I realized he was painted. I especially liked the murals of old-time shops that also looked real from a distance.

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