The little town of Antonito lies just north of the Colorado/New Mexico border, on the Colorado side. When I’ve headed down that way, I’ve stayed a few times at the Indiana Jones Bed and Breakfast. On this road trip in October 2022, I spent a night there on the way down and the way back. It’s a convenient distance for an overnight stop and a welcoming one. The little house, full of posters and memorabilia from the movies, is run by a friendly woman who makes a great breakfast. You’ve probably seen the house before. It’s the one filmed in the Last Crusade movie, where Indy lived as a boy, played by River Phoenix, with his stern father, portrayed by Sean Connery.

Most of the murals in the town center were painted by Fred “Lightning Heart” Haberlein.

Library mural

Around Antonito

I haven’t spent much time in the town, aside from dinner and lodging, just passing through. But I always stop by the train station on my way out of town. The historic steam Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad takes all day to chug up the mountains to Chama, New Mexico, another small town, and back. I usually get there as the locomotive spouts its head of steam, drifting high into the blue sky. The train chase scene from Indiana Jones’ childhood was filmed on the Cumbres & Toltec line.

Along the road home

Alamosa, Colorado

I drove over Guanella Pass, a familiar route. The pass reaches south, starting (or on this day ending, going north) at my little mountain town. One of my favorite regular hiking trails, at Silverdale, once a mining and mill town, is just a few minutes up that road. Mount Bierstadt, one of Colorado’s fifty-two peaks over 14,000 feet, at 14,065, which I climbed in my younger days, graces the highest point of the pass. Hikers and tourists’ cars overflowed the parking areas as usual. The peak had a soft layer of snow in October.

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44 thoughts on “Antonito

  1. Very atmospheric! From the photos and your descriptions, I could almost feel the dry heat and desolate wind of the US Southwest in my bones. I’m sure being in Antonito in person must’ve been even more of a sublime experience!

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    1. It is sleepy and peaceful. Actually not so enchanting – I have shared what to me are the interesting parts. The downtown is a strip along the highway of fifties-style boxy structures, but adorned with the murals, they come alive.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This is a historic rail, unlike the commuter trains. There’s one in my small mountain town that was a commuter rail for miners working further up the hill, and a couple of other historic ones in the southeast corner of Colorado. They are fun and interesting.

      Liked by 1 person

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