Tucson street art

After a long day’s drive across the desert southwest from California, I spent a few days in Tucson with a friend from younger days.

As with my other stops along this road trip, I wasn’t looking for cityscapes. However, since I had arranged to meet another friend (her ex) for lunch in town, she told me I should check out the downtown shopping area. “Hippie Gypsy,” she said. I didn’t know what that meant, except as a reference to the Grateful Dead. I would find out. (Later I recalled that lyric was from The Who’s Going Mobile.)

Historic Fourth Avenue dates back to the early 1900s. The street art was dazzling. The iconic smoke shop’s murals are a shrine to the 60s.The highlights for me, poking into a few shops, were the independently owned bookstore and vintage record shop. And, of course, a respite into air conditioning from the 86-degree F heat was also welcome. The Tucson temperature gets scorching hot in the summer, but this early March day was warm enough for me.

A few more street scenes

This timely storefront display moved me.

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42 thoughts on “Tucson street art

  1. My brother and his serious-artist wife live in Tucson, but we’ve only visited their house a few times and not much of the city itself. I’ll have to ask her about the Historic Fourth Avenue district and her worthy opinion on the street art. I’m fascinated by a mindset that can design a seemingly random set of images, yet somehow it’s pleasing to the eye. The fantasy aspect of the art in the first photo appeals to me, with butterflies large enough for a flying ride.

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    1. That one is a favorite of mine as well. There are many commissioned murals around the city, I have since learned, but I didn’t want to spend my limited time there driving around looking for them. Fourth Avenue was a fun exploration.


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