World Pride parade, Toronto

Toronto has one of the biggest LGBTQ Pride parades, and in 2014, it was Canada’s turn to host the International World Pride festival. So many organizations marched in support: school districts, companies, non-profits, unions, even the police department. And so many countries around the globe represented. An estimated 2 million people were there, sharing support and joy and friendship with each other, whatever their persuasion, participants and spectators alike.

I joined in the parade with my brother’s union. Our group came right after the gay Jamaicans; their music was our backbeat of the day! As I usually do for these types of events, I wandered up and down the stretch of the march to photograph and get a feeling for the breadth of the event. A wonderful celebration!

Getting ready for the parade

The parade

Joyous spectators

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34 thoughts on “World Pride parade, Toronto

  1. A colourful display, for sure. We were at the 40th Pride celebration and parade in San Francisco and one of the other viewers watched in awe and said, Kinda makes you want to be Gay, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing. Allan

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  2. Beautiful photos of beautiful people! I’ve only attended Pride once, and I’ve heard that Toronto’s is fantastic, even outside of hosting World Pride. Hopefully, the COVID situation will lift soon and we can resume such celebrations for the LGBTQ community. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. It was quite a wonderful time! And good to remember now, since we aren’t doing those kinds of gathering yet, and spread some love to the LGBTQ community. Thanks for your sentiments, Mel!

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  3. Love seeing these photos of a wonderful celebration. One of my longest-lasting friends lives in Toronto, but I haven’t ever visited during Pride weekend. Maybe I will add that to my “to do” list for 2022…

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    1. It would be a great time to visit, although I imagine New York would have it’s own wonderful version. Hoping that we’ll be doing gatherings like this next year!


    1. Thank you, Tracy. Most people were pleased and even posing, happy to be showing off who they are, for once. If someone looked reluctant I would ask, lifting my camera with a question. I wanted to be respectful if they didn’t want their photo taken. It’s always a fine line to take personal photos when travelling, I think.

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