Women Potters of Guatemala

My article, “The Women Potters of Rural Guatemala,” based on a chapter from my book, appears in the October 2020 issue of Ceramics Monthly, the leading magazine for potters. I subscribed to CM for decades since my days as an art student and I’m honored to be included in their beautiful publication.

As a traveler and someone who enjoys working with clay, I have sought out native crafts and have felt an affinity with those who work with ceramics. From 2003 through 2006, I taught at an American school in Guatemala City. Siggy Holbik, a Chilean friend, owns an artisanal arts shop in Antigua, Guatemala called Casa de los Gigantes. She has participated for many years in projects with a non-profit organization to assist village artisans and improve the local economy. Designers work with craftspeople to develop marketable products for sale, both locally and for export to a broader international audience. Aware of my former experience as a potter, she asked me along for a day trip to work with women potters in San Luis Jilotepeque.

Read the whole article online at https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ceramics-monthly/ceramic-art-and-artists/ceramic-artists/the-women-potters-of-rural-guatemala/.

The potters’ cooperative meets in Juana’s home, San Luis Jilotepeque, Guatemala
Designers and potters collaborate
Juana applies slip from red clay
Otonila applies slip to a bowl
Burnishing a pot with an acorn
Pots on the table

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